The main goal of the project was the construction of a digital space for IS research, providing to the European scientific community permanent and reliable access to advanced research infrastructure. Moreover it conducts modern research by suggesting innovative solutions, and encourage effective cooperation with international scientific IT networks.

What does it really mean?

Since November 2013 the Institute of Geophysics Polish Academy of Science, in consortium with the Academic Computer Center "Cyfronet" AGH, Central Mining Institute and Kompania Węglowa SA has been implementing the two-year project "Digital research space of induced seismicity for EPOS". As part of the project the prototype thematic node was built for the management of infrastructure of induced seismicity. It is the foundation of its future management across Europe (under the EPOS). IS-EPOS project ended in December 2015 with the construction of a prototype of a digital platform. The project resulted with a fully functional prototype of a Thematic Core Services digital platform concerned in anthropogenic induced hazard on the surface influenced by georesources exploitation.

Benefits from IS-EPOS project results are as follows:

  • Integrating with this ePlatform a collection of episodes covering most extensively the variety of

specific cases of anthropogenic hazards and high level services specific for the area of study

  • Provding software services,
  • Providing high power cloud calculations,
  • Conducting your own digital researches within digital episodes,
  • Improving access to scientifically proven information on anthropogenic seismicity hazards.
  • Educational platform and source of information for non-specialists..


The use of IS-EPOS platform has already been planned in the SHEER: “Shale Gas Exploration and Exploitation Induced Risks” of the European Programme for the funding of science of Horizon 2020.